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About the Job:

You will work with a team on editing maps to keep them current and practicable. You will solve end user issues or test geographic results of user queries submitted through Web searcher maps interface. As a GIS City/country specialist you will continuously work in improving the transit experience of users, develop and maintain transit data pipeline and keep them as close to ground reality as possible in the city or country of work.

Roles and Responsibilities of City expert

  • Communicating with internal and external stake holders to achieve project goals.
  • Create city level transit data modeling policies based on the market needs and local regulations.
  • Identify transit user expectations, user journey issues, data gaps and provide product insights
  • Leverage local familiarity and make changes in the data model to improve and solve user issues.
  • Validate quality of new and updated data in the data management platform.
  • Make necessary edits for all transit data types.
  • Field escalations of complex or edge-case data issues from internal teams and resolve appropriately including creating bugs for external teams.
  • Assist Program Managers to communicate with the partner/provider about required data fixes or inform about problematic data areas.
  • Conduct in city field research to determine the ground truth of transit issues and user problems.
  • Develop outages and alerts capabilities in the assigned city.
  • Manage city specific data pipelines through the transit data management platform, including updating pipelines using basic programming skills.

Roles and Responsibilities of Country expert

  • Create guideline documents with country specific insights for use by operators.
  • Update existing general policy by including country specific inputs. Apply existing Mapping policies to their specific country, providing insights into traffic laws, landmarks, political modeling and key mapping features.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the data, processes, tools and policy (applicable to all processes/data types), translate and interpret comments and actions from various sources (E.g.Users) and troubleshoot problems based on instructions, training and context
  • Review of mapping operations issues for quality checks related to specific countries of expertise.
  • Point of contact for mapping operations on country-specific questions.
  • Perform FLA (Formative Learning Audit) and review operations work and identify operational errors at scale.
  • Evaluation of import data from the Import Engineering team prior to ingestion.
  • Work with other internal teams to ensure correct political format for the country is utilized

Experience / Skills

  • 1 year – 3 years of experience
  • Graduate or equivalent experience
  • Good Communication skills in English and native local language
  • Technological savviness – with basic programing skills (java, C#, C++ and Python).
  • Proficiency in GIS mapping tools and SME with deep knowledge of the city /country’s transit/traffic network .
  • Knowledge of traffic laws, landmarks, political modeling and key mapping features of the city/country
  • Comfortable with a rapidly-changing environment.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and excellent attention to detail

Attractive salary based on qualifications and experience on par with industry standards.

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